18 Nov. 2023 12 pm


Photo: Oksana Kazmina

"Contemporary History of Ukraine"
mit Oksana Kazmina

im Kunstraum Innsbruck

Free entrance!

Contemporary History of Ukraine is a series of lectures, which Oksana also calls performative walks, or rehearsals. The project examines transpersonal landscapes of memories, and geographically situated ecologies of feelings across various Ukrainian localities.

While the walk is mediated via digital environments (personal videos, recorded conversations, google maps, etc.), it is based on various footage and chats with different people with whom Kazmina has friendships, intimacies, partnerships, and shared walks. To a large extent, the walk consists of the footage of the documentary project Underwater on which Kazmina has been working since 2015. This documentary features three Ukrainian artists—Ksenia Platanova, Masha Pronina, Antigonna—who share their strategies of transforming their traumatic experiences into subversive artistic practices.

From the nowadays’ perspective of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the work observes the chains and ruptures of collective digitized sensitivity, as well as fragile relations between bodies and territories that are neglected within the logic of informational warfare. Besides, Contemporary History of Ukraine is an attempt to archive, or catalogue, unspeakable. 

14th rehearsal of Contemporary History of Ukraine is titled "Welcome to be lost", and will be produced for  "Freefilmers-Mariupol" exhibition at Kunstraum live.