Kunstraum Innsbruck

KUNSTRAUM INNSBRUCK is an art institution that facilitates encounters with the phenomenon of contemporary art. It was founded in 1996 as a non-profit association for the exhibition of contemporary art.

KUNSTRAUM INNSBRUCK presents aesthetic concepts, but is also a space for socio-political issues. Art has the power to communicate life through a different language, so that we can experience new things and change our way of thinking.

The program of KUNSTRAUM INNSBRUCK is based on the topics on the pulse of our time: queer/feminism, decolonizing perspectives, political movements, discussions about changes in ecosystems and the coexistence of diverse species. We mainly feature exhibitions by international artists, but local actors also play an important role in our program.

We organize exhibitions, actions, lectures, workshops, discussions, artist talks, readings and concerts. We also organize parties and get-togethers to celebrate our work and engagement with our community! You are invited to join us!



rogram responsible: Dr. Ivana Marjanović, artistic director and commercial director.

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Curatorial assistance and PR: Magdalena Saxer, BA and Mimi Grünberger

Board members: Daniela Lanziner Mühlberger (chairman), Charlie Zimmermann (secretary), Mag.a Simone Fuchs (treasurer) and Astrid Raitmayr support the work of KUNSTRAUM INNSBRUCK and represent the interests of KUNSTRAUM INNSBRUCK - Association for the exhibition of contemporary art to the outside world.

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The Kunstraum Innsbruck - Association for the Exhibition of Contemporary Art - was established by Elisabeth Thoman as founding director in 1996. She was followed by Mag. Stefan Bidner from 2004 to 2010. From 2011-2012 Dr. Veit Loers was appointed as acting director. From 2013-2019, Karin Pernegger designed the program. In August 2019, Dr. Ivana Marjanovic took over as director of Kunstraum Innsbruck.

The first chairman of the association was Dr. Gerald Hauska who had passed on his office to Dr. Lothar Tirala in 2004. Since June 2019, Ms. Daniela Mühlberger is the new chairperson of Kunstraum Innsbruck.

Kunstraum Innsbruck is supported by the City of Innsbruck, BMUKK, the Province of Tyrol, the Innsbruck Tourist Board and its supporting members.

The Kunstraum Innsbruck is a member of www.innsbruckcontemporary.at.
Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine (AdKV).


Floor plan showroom with white wall

The building in which Kunstraum Innsbruck is located was built in the 1930s and was originally a paper warehouse. Already in the 60s it was temporarily used as an alternative space for low-budget exhibitions. In 1996 it was rebuilt on private initiative and newly adapted with modern exhibition infrastructure. Since then, Kunstraum Innsbruck has been run as a non-profit association. In 2004, the premises of Kunstraum Innsbruck were reduced in size and remodeled. The other part of the former Kunstraum was rented by Galerie Thoman.